There's Always Time for Adventure.

I'm Caitlin.
I'm from Northern California.
I work for the Mouse.
I go on adventures.
I Instagram way too much.
I consume a lot of caffeine.
I'm a fan of ironic, overly complicated hashtags.
My favorite color is glitter.
I may or may not be a food and alcohol snob.
I own more books than most people.
I believe in the healing powers of twinkle lights.
I have a very twisted sense of humor.
I smirk a lot.
I am a quirky, type A daydreamer.

Daughter of Triton, Surf Instructor, Sassy Starfish.
Voted 'Friendliest Fish Under The Sea' for 2012 and 2013.

I'm rarely graceful.
I'm usually witty.
I'm always sarcastic.

'Are you an idiot?
No, sir, I'm a dreamer.'

Don't be afraid to walk alone; Don't be afraid to like it.

Be nice, because nobody likes an asshole.
Don't Be Weird.